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When I Was Hungry, You Gave Me Food‏ - GUEST BLOG

When I Was Hungry, You Gave Me Food‏ – GUEST BLOG

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Originally posted on Kindness Blog:

When I Was Hungry, You Gave Me Food by Kristi Jo Jedlicki

hands offering food

On a daily basis, the guests at the day shelter for homeless men where I work show me what it truly means to be unselfish and generous. Their kindness is one of the many reasons that I tell them that they are the finest gentlemen in all of Louisville. Last week, I was fortunate to bear witness to an…

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Firing on All Cylinders

Firing on All Cylinders


It was another insanely beautiful spring day here in Kentucky, and I found myself smiling ear to ear for no particular reason at all.  This feeling of happiness that once eluded me has become part of my daily existence to the point that I don’t always notice it, but a little while ago, as the cool breeze came through the windows to cool down the house and the sound of my daughters’ chatter and…

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ask me questions, and I asked you questions

I am so sorry that I did not see the note you posted so many months ago!  I feel badly.  As you may have guessed, I don’t check this account much, for if I did, I would have responded immediately.  I hope that all is well in your world!

Your post on divorce inspired me. Thank you. 10-27-12 was mine and I've been sad since.

I am so sorry that I just now am seeing your kind note, as I rarely check this account.  I am so sorry that your divorce has left you sad, and I hope that you can grieve this loss and, in time, heal.  I believe that the best awaits you, so, keep going, and know that you are not alone.

Stay in Your Own Lane

Stay in Your Own Lane


Last weekend, I drove from Louisville, Kentucky to just north of Cincinnati, Ohio to visit with my college roommates and some of our friends.  It is a drive that I have made countless times, and I know that stretch of highway so well that I could do it with my eyes shut.  Safety first, though, so, I kept my eyes on the road.  It was on my drive home that I saw a road sign in a construction zone…

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March Madness


In Kentucky, basketball is king, and I am one of its many loyal subjects.  My parents moved to Kentucky from Minnesota two years prior to my birth, and they became University of Kentucky (UK) fans.  I don’t know why they were drawn to the Wildcats, but I do know that we bleed blue (UK blue, to be exact) in our family, even though none of us attended UK.  In fact, I attended graduate school, and…

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Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday to You


I love birthdays, and March offers up over a dozen opportunities to celebrate the birthdays of various friends and family members.  The day someone is born is nothing short of miraculous, and their presence in the world touches countless lives in untold ways from the moment they take their first breath.  The impact each person makes in this world lasts a lifetime and continues even after they…

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Lights, Camera, Action


Although I love movies, I don’t watch them nearly enough.  I will go through spurts when I see a number of movies in short amount of time, and then, a cinematic drought will set in.  Since becoming a parent, my excursions to the movie theater tend to revolve around taking my daughters to see the latest kid friendly fare.  That was the case today, but it also provided me the opportunity to do…

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2 + 2=1

This week, we have been understaffed at the day shelter for homeless men where I work, so, less staff translates to more work for everyone. 

2 + 2=1

This week, we have been understaffed at the day shelter for homeless men where I work, so, less staff translates to more work for everyone. 

What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up?

What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up?





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